Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Should I get a life coach to push past my blocks

There are times when I feel I need to find some help or support in navigating the events and feelings showing up in my life. I feel like there should be more of something in my lives – more success, more happiness, more love. But sometimes it feels like there is some invisible block in my path. This is often caused by a conflict inside myself, between the image I hold of myself or a story I have created about what my life should be; and what is the reality of my life. Or there can be an experience from my childhood that has caused me to be arrested in my development, keeping me collapsing back into the conditioned response I learned in my youth that no longer serves me in my adulthood. Sometimes, I self-sabotage my dreams with attachment to specific expectations that restrict my ability to be spontaneous and adaptable to the unfolding of my life; or with a negative-minded inner voice constricting my own evolution and expansion. I wonder if I should get a life coach to push past my blocks and reach the enlightenment I so desire "to live in the moment".