Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas hmmmm!

In my previous post I let go of a lot of feelings I "had" for the holiday season fast approaching. Since then I have been working on all that negativity I have.
All the pressure I put on myself. I have been talking with Brennin about it a little but mostly I have been taking two meditation classes and setting new intentions I want in my life.
Last year for a new years resolution I set an goal of Zen in 2010. Since August I have been really making that a reality. I am much more at peace with my life and those around who make decision I don't agree with and making sure I don't let them affect me.
I been looking back through the year and all the "Crap" that has happened and continues and I have not responded to it like I use to. I am in a more Live in the Moment state of mind. No one is more surprised about this then I am.
For example: shortly after my "Holiday Hype" post a very good friend posted on facebook he had a 10 ft Christmas tree he wanted to get rid of. Before I knew it my mind went in a decorating frenzy. I posted I wanted it and sent Brennin to pick it up. I am now looking at putting up 3 yes 3 trees in my living room and am a bit excited to decorate my new house.
Where the hell did that come from?
I don't know but it feels right it feels good and to top that off I have also almost finished my shopping. I have about 6 more things to pick up. I don't feel pressured I don't feel rushed and I don't feel like I have to I feel like I want to.
I have also been thinking about throwing a "Family Christmas Party" with a catch of course. Cousins only! I don't know my cousins on my Dad's side and I think a Christmas open house would be fun. I only have a few cousin's on my Mom's side who live close enough. We will see, that may be pushing this good spirit I have going Not to mention the only weekend free in Dec is the 11th and I am not sure. Maybe next year.
For now I am getting excited for Alesia's Birthday and an appointment we have at a dress shop to pick out a wedding dress. She is so excited. It is not real for me yet but I am sure come Thursday the tears will roll and reality that my baby is getting married will hit me.