Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holiday Hype

I sooo dont understand the hype over the holidays! I guess I just havent experienced the glory of the holidays. So many people so excited for Thanksgiving & Christmas. I really could care less, I think no; I know I put alot of pressure on myself to make the holidays wonderful for my kids. Starting with Thanksgiving. Alesia's birthday always falls around this holiday so I try hard to make her day about her not family, which has upset some family (get over it) Birthdays should be a celebration of the day you burst into LIFE! How glorious and what a amazing thing to celebrate, the day of your first breath. Without breath there is no life.
Thanksgiving is the beginning of hell for me. I come from a divored family so my Mom likes me to visit and my Dad likes me to be there are well, Then you mix in the fact I am married to a man who's family wants EVERYONE for every holiday. Now the complicated part. Our children!! We only get Brennin's kids every other year so his family feels that should be there year.. Hmmm! Then there is the grown up factor. Alesia and Lauren are now adults and have boyfriends/ fiance who want them to come the their families homes. So ultimately we have to take what we get. If we get them at our house Iam sorry grandma's and grandpa's I would like quality time with our kids at our own home not your home where it is noisey,full of chaos and self righteous false people, not to mention the food sucks.. Ok that felt good.. and that is just Thanksgiving!
Christmas is a whole nother story. Gifts for people you dont know, Cranky people in the stores, competitive ex's, School plays and concert programs. Not knowing what to say to people like Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Huanaka. I like Happy Holidays it covers it all and just know I am not trying to often anyone. I just want us all to get along. Getting along-- what a concept can we make everyone happy? Do we see family on christmas day christmas eve or after (which is offensive to some) but, NO TIME to do what I want.
What I would like for Christmas holiday season.
Not on earth that will never happen till we learn to accept each others differences. but peace in my home. I dont want to worry about what to get anyone.
Peace of mind!
I want to escape from the christmas hustle I want to run away to a private resort with my sweet husband be in silence just the sound of each other. I dont want FB I dont want my phone. I dont want anyone to know we are there. I want to walk along a desserted beach with my husband holding my hand, eat what ever we want when ever we want. And just be alone with NO pressure of making the perfect holiday for the kids his family or mine.
The only problem with this is I would want it every year. I haven't liked the holidays since I had Alesia and became an adult. Maybe the glitter died for me. I know my Mom never made that big a deal of the holidays, she usually worked or we just sat around trying not to make my Dad mad till he was drunk enough not to be mad if we made noise. I tried to make the holidays special for Alesia and have done different things for her I hope she has better memories and feelings about the holidays than I do.
I know I should be more positive and focus on the giving and spirit of the days ahead and once I am in full swing of them I am fine. I enjoy the moments with family and friends. I already have my favorite party marked on my calendar and NOTHING keeps me from Shalins X-mas party. Hopefully one day when I have (gulp) grandkids I will get excited early but for now NOT SO MUCH!


*~The Last Family: Nick Felicia and Rylee~* said...

this is the best post EVER!!! i feel the same way and i am borrowing some of it to put in my post!!!!

Shandi said...

I agree completely. Unfortunately most of our "Holiday time" goes to the Roberts family... Not that I have much of a problem with that now that I actually know some of them better than I used to, but it'd be so much more relaxing to just hang out with my family, or my Grandma and enjoying eachothers company rather than stress about getting every one in!

I say, this year, we just come to your NEW BIG HOUSE and kick a few back and watch movies! ;) haha

Love you Jeri!!

iluvbrennin said...

I love both sweet girls who follow my rantings. Yes Miss Shandi we need to have a movie night in my house. I would love you, Felcia and Alesia all together to see what trouble you can come up with..